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Driving change through an equitable model for shared impact

PERC is a justice venture on a mission to transform public funding and investment practices toward equitable development. We center the collective power and expertise of Black, Indigenous and Latino/a/x communities in decision-making processes related to public investment, and build cross-sector collaborative partnerships nationwide. Our goal is to create a network of cities prepared to secure and implement public resources specifically focused on advancing economic development, housing, and civic infrastructure.

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All Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x people living in low-wealth, under-resourced communities in the United States have the resources that they need to live fulfilled lives.

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Rooted in strong partnerships

PERC has developed a unique, participatory model that facilitates learning, communication and partnership between government agencies, communities, businesses and philanthropy.

We partner with cities to strategically form and activate powerful cross-sector coalitions that center the voices and expertise of Black, Indigenous and Latino/a/x communities, deliver measurable and results-based outcomes, and ultimately, reimagine the decision-making process for investment, implementation and long-term impact of public funds.


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On the path to a shared vision

Success would not be possible without the commitment, work and investment of many cross-sector organizations, partners and contributors who share our goal to transform systems and see tangible results.

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