Key Strengths

  • The Hayti Community, a historic Black community on Durham’s Fayetteville Street Corridor, was a thriving center of commerce.
  • Strong focus on using an inclusive, informed approach to development and growth.
  • Invested more than $1 billion over 20 years into low to moderate income communities for affordable housing, retail, and community economic development activities state-wide.

Key Challenges

  • Urban renewal and development of the Durham Freeway demolished a large part of the area in the 1960’s, closing once thriving Black businesses, and destroying many homes along with 200 units of public housing.
  • 17% poverty rate in Durham, the highest in the surrounding area.
  • Lack of affordable housing, high unemployment, and ineffective public transportation particularly impact the Black community.


  • The National Institute of Minority Economic Development exists to strengthen the asset base of diverse populations through policy, education, and economic opportunities. We do this by helping diverse small businesses, HBCUS, and nonprofit organizations to grow, create jobs, become sustainable, and be valued partners within their local communities.
  • Durham Housing Authority (DHA) exists to serve as the leading provider of affordable housing dedicated to building stronger families in Durham. DHA works outside the agency’s walls to help improve the rising, growing community. Working with key partners throughout the city of Durham, DHA will play a key role in keeping the community diverse, inclusive and a great place to call home.
  • Office of Mayor Elaine M. O’Neal.



Community members discuss planning and development People assembled to break ground on new building